Why ASW V-Expo


There is no better way to connect with people from across the world than to go V-Expo. Save on time and money, get instant reactions. Connect to update, seek business opportunities and remain visible.


Coming from the stable of AR, the organizers of the acclaimed ASW Big Show and the publishers of flagship magazines AO and StitchWorld, the ASW V-Expo will be about value and content in all its offerings.


Technology has made the V-Expo world aplayground of possibilities that never existed before. Enjoy the endless options to learn from industry experts, meet buyers, suppliers suppliers and conduct business from your comfort zone.


The medium may be V-Expo, but the content has depth. At ASW V-Expo the various dimensions of the business of fashion retail is are highlighted, discussed, debated and creating business opportunities is the goal.

Upcoming Expos

The concept is for buyers to move beyond China for apparel sourcing, with exhibitors from other manufacturing destinations other than China - 2-day show - 9-10 December 2020

16-17 December 2020

Sustainability in operations and products, is the hottest topic of discussion today in the textile value chain.

6-7 January 2021

The one category that has seen growing acceptance and market share over the last few years is athleisure wear. The pace with which the segment was growing has accelerated further with the ongoing pandemic, as wellness and work-from-home become a norm.

10-11 February 2021

The new normal has brought in a major thrust for social distancing, taking a lot of shopping online. It is becoming critical for manufacturers to understand how best to re-engineer their factories to produce smaller runs for e-commerce more effectively.

11-12 March 2021

If there is one product that has truly stood the test of time, it is denim. From being a workmans uniform to a fashion statement, denim has crossed many milestones.

7-8 April 2021

Once considered a very specialised segment, we now see many mainline garment manufacturers and exporters getting into the groove to produce medical and safety clothing with modern manufacturing facilities.

12-13 May 2021
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